An Unforgettable Experience

7 hours

The adventure starts in the Čikat bay, with a ride through the centennial pine forest, and just a short trail through the urban area, when you reach the base of the St. John’s hill. At that point, the e-bikes will come handy for there is a mild ascent.

The first stop is the magnificent viewpoint Providenca, and the Garden of Fine Scents. There, you will refresh with organic juices and enjoy the most spectacular view of the North-West archipelago. After the short break, the journey continues uphill.

In 15 minutes, you will reach the charming Chapel of St. John and more stunning views of the archipelago.

The adventure continues on foot down the hill through the fragrant nature. After the 20 minutes hike, you arrive at one of the most special bays on the island. The Krivica Bay is a wonder of nature for its specific curvy shape. From there, you continue the hike through the forest to reach the wonderful Balvanida ranch and restaurant. This is a great place to have a lunch break, since the restaurant offers a variety of traditional food.

After lunch, you hop on the speed boats and start the cruise through the archipelago full of wonderful little islands.

After 45 minutes cruise, you reach one of the most amazing islands called Unije. There you will hike through the wonderful fields of Unije, passing through the herds of free-range horses, Istrian cattle, and sheep. After a half an hour hike, you arrive at the picturesque lighthouse, facing the open sea. This is the perfect place to calm one’s mind and enjoy the nature. The hike continues over the beach to the harbor. Halfway to the harbor, there is a beautiful spot at which guide can practice with you the Wim Hof Method, a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, followed by a short swim in the sea, for more energy, reduced stress levels, and naturally elevated mood.

You will see

Tour includes

  • E-bikes
  • Private guide
  • Private skipper
  • Speed boat
  • Drinks (natural juices and water)
  • A lunch at Balvanida ranch
  • Breathing exercises


The tour can be tailored to your requests.