Arboretum from 15th century and historical Ston tour

6 – 8 hours

About 20km (13 miles) north of Dubrovnik is our first visit – Arboretum, a garden that stretches over 25 hectares (62 acres) of land founded in the 16th century.

A place where even Game of Thrones and Vikings have been filmed.

We continue towards Ston on a road high up in the hill from where you will make stunning photos of the Croatian coastline that is full of lush islands.

Mali Ston faced the land and Ston faced open waters from where the source of power was coming, the salt business. Today salt is worthless, but in the past was valuable and paid really well.

To protect their money, the people of Dubrovnik built a wall that goes around the towns and across the hill and connects into the biggest protective system in Europe of 5.5km (3.5miles).

Mali Ston doesn’t have salt, but facing the land it’s located between a long peninsula and the mainland, and since our mountains are leaking water through a lot of small springs in the area that seawater is less salty. Perfect for oysters that grow only in these waters and nowhere else in the world, that guests will have a chance to taste.

Peninsula Pelješac is the best wine region around here. Our grapes grows on sunny slopes with roots deep in the soil mixed with limestone that releases big quantity of minerals and enriches the flavors of our wine. Wine tasting is an inevitable part of this tour.

You will see

  • Arboretum from 15th century
  • Salt pans and  oyster farm
  • Peninsula Pelješac vineyards
  • 7km long walls of Ston

Tour includes

  • Transportation
  • Wine and oyster tasting
  • Lunch