Blue Cave

The tiny islet of Bisevo is only five nautical miles southwest of Komiza on Vis Island Covering 6 sq km, it would hardly be noticed at all, except for its remarkable Blue Grotto (locally, Modra Spilja) or Blue Cave that strongly suggests the famous Grotto of Capri. Of about ten caves scattered around Bisevo’s coast, the Blue Cave is the most outstanding.

Although long known to fishermen, the cave has only been accessible to the non-diving public since 1884, when an entrance large enough for a boat was formed by blasting a hole in the rock. Between 11am and 1pm on a sunny calm day, the strongest rays of the sun passing through an underwater opening illuminate the cave with a luminous blue lightwhile objects beneath the surface shimmer in silver and pink.


  • only local tourist boats are allowed to enter the cave
  • best time for visit is between 11am – 1pm
  • swimming and diving are not allowed
  • visit to the Blue Cave isn’t managed by any tour agency, but by the concessionaire who limits stays inside the cave to 15 minutes
  • considerable fee for entrance is required
  • maximum number of people per touristic boat is 12