Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni Islands, one of the true jewels of Istria, situated at the north-western outskirts of Pula’s port. This archipelago consists of two larger islands, Veliki and Mali Brijun, and 12 islets. The Fažana channel between the archipelago and the Istrian coast is only 3 km wide and 12 m deep.

For its unique natural and historical features, in 1983, the Brijuni Islands were declared a national park.

Get to know the rich Brijuni past through various cultural and historical periods – from prehistory, Classical Antiquity, Late Antiquity, Byzantine period to the Venetian era.

The richness of Brijuni is also amplified by geopaleontological sites where more than 200 footprints of dinosaurs have been discovered. It is believed that these ancient reptiles walked Brijuni 125-100 million years ago.

Animal lovers will enjoy Safari park inhabited by a peculiar mix of autochthonous Istrian and exotic South American, African and Asian fauna. The Indian elephant Lanka, llamas – the South American camel which, according to the native legend, were domesticated in the very beginnings of human existence, zebras, Indian sacred cows and ostriches are the friendly inhabitants of the Safari Park.