Brijuni VIP Experience

Feel like a Caesar while dining on the ruins of a first-century Roman villa reserved exclusively for you.

On the eastern coast of Brijuni, along the picturesque Verige Bay, you can explore a once magnificent Roman villa’s ruins, the largest in Istria. Its construction began in the first century B.C., reaching its heyday in the first century A.D.

A+ Yachting offers a one-of-a-kind experience that includes a private tour guide for 2 hours, visiting islands with buggies, a private setup at the location, 4-course meal of traditional Croatian dishes. To ensure complete privacy, we can arrange for the complete closure of this historical site. The island is rich in paleontological sites where more than 200 footprints of dinosaurs have been discovered (it is believed that these ancient reptiles walked Brijuni 125-100 million years ago).

Jupiter beach on Brijuni is one of the most beautiful venues on this island, and we can utilize the beach for a private party. On the other hand, if clients want something more relaxed, A+ can organize intimate theatre plays on the Roman ruins for an authentic experience of this historic spot.

You will see

  • National Park Brijuni
  • Roman villa in Verige Bay
  • Byzantine Castrum
  • Tito’s Museum
  • Ulysses Theatre
  • Quarries
  • Ciprovac Belvedere
  • Memorial to spring water

Tour includes

  • VIP guide
  • transfer
  • lunch
  • theatre