Cooking classes

4 hours

Beyond sightseeing, learning about the history, walking tours and endless photo-snapping for the ‘gram’, one of the best things about travel is the food.

And sure, eating at a nice restaurant and munching during a food tour is great fun, but taking a more hands-on approach to food travel in Split, is definitely a special pleasure.

Each class is led by one of our award-winning Croatian chefs. For a culturally-enriching experience, you will be learning how to cook authentic Croatian food, tasting traditional wines and learning about the culinary history of this beautiful country.

OPTION 1: Morning Class & Markets Tour 9am

OPTION 2: Afternoon Cooking Class 5am

OPTION 3: Private tour

SPECIAL EDITION FOR TWO  ‘’Olive oil & Wine academy’’

Class description:

Chef will meet guests at the time and where they would prefer, after green and fish market, they will first enjoy special welcome snack, taste up to 5 brandies and grappas and have guided tasting of Croatian olive oils. During lunch time, 5 different Dalmatian wines will be presented and served with special courses.

Class includes:

Oil Academy – The guided tasting involving artisan olive oil producers from Dalmatian islands and hinterland. Dalmatia county has been the site of olive oil production for many hundreds of years.

Olive oils that are to be tasted with traditional food are organic, indigenous, extra virgin olive oils, monosort oil, olive oil with lemon, lavender and herbs.

You will explore different combinations of salads, fish and bread with this liquid green gold.

Wine Academy – Tasting of wines of the region, starting with Zlatarica (gold wine), Pošip, Crljenak (world famous Zinfandel that originates from Split area – Kaštela), Plavac mali as the most important red wine of Dalmatia (through terroir of Pelješac, Brač, Hvar and Komarna) and unique dessert wine Prošek.

Tour includes

  • all the ingredients
  • cooking class lunch with wines
  • certificates for all participants.


  • Meal can include meat and/ or ingredients or dishes that guests prefer.
  • Dalmatian dessert will also be prepared, all the recipes you can repeat at home 🙂 
  • If there are any special requirements or allergies, it would be great to know in advance. Gluten free option is not a problem.
  • For afternoon class you will skip green and fish market – Chef will do it for you!
  • Regular group size is 2 – 12 persons
  • Olive oil Academy is one to be started with, while Wine Academy is part of the whole cooking class from the welcome snack on. It is also common to pair the food that will be cooked and served with wines selected and / or preferred.