Discover Lastovo’s underwater beauty

Depends on the selected tour

Away from the shore, in the open sea, with numerous beautiful lagoons, Lastovo is very attractive to yachtsmen and divers, who have a lot to see and explore in the underwater of the island and the nearby islets. This area is rich with fish, mussels, and crustaceans, while the lobster is one of the favorite specialties in the local restaurants and taverns. Diving offers the undiscovered world and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Diving in crystal blue water of Lastovo archipelago and discovering the enchanting, rich submarine world brimming with corals, algae, fish and shellfish, old boat wrecks and amphorae will give you great pleasure. Numerous bays, cliffs, and an island group called Lastovnjaci on the eastern side are a true heaven for divers.

You will see

  • Islet Bijelac – underwater passage through the island,
  • Islet Tajan – underwater cave,
  • Cape Struga – vast walls of gorgonians reaching even 80 meters of depth.

Tour includes

Guided tour and diving equipment rental.


Diving is allowed only in the company of a diving guide from an authorized diving center.