Discover Porec Old Town

1.5 hour

The old town, also known as Parentium, was founded 2000 years ago during the Roman Empire. It has many historical and cultural attractions, but Euphrasiana is among the most valuable. It is one of the best-preserved early Christian complexes still in use, with a world-famous basilica from the sixth century and genuine Byzantine mosaics from the same period that are among the best-preserved in the world. As of 1997, the entire complex is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

The tour includes a relaxing flat stroll through the old town, a stop at the Neptune Temple and Roman Forum Ruins, and a thorough description of Euphrasiana’s interior, including the narthex, baptistry, Roman Dwelling Ruins, Bishop’s Palace, and Basilica.

You will see

  • The Euphrasian Basilica
  • Roman forum
  • Main Square & Church Gospa od Andela
  • Main Street Decumanus
  • Romanesque House
  • Waterfront and Harbor