Discovering the underwater world

Positioned on what was once known as “The Silk Route” – the sailing route for trade ships travelling between Venice and the Middle East – the Lošinj archipelago is a seabed of numerous remains of shipwrecks and likely many yet undiscovered archeological locations. Natural attractions, such as caves, ruptures and reefs are very popular diving locations. And we now some of the best ones.

The most spectacular is The Cathedral, a naturally enlightened series of caves capped with a reef resembling a shining dome of a cathedral. While the Cathedral can be tricky to enter in a less than favorable weather, two other locations, named the Grand Canyon and the White Wall, are also great options. Their topography and myriad small cracks in the rocks provide an opportunity to look for smaller critters amongst the overhangs, as well as some abandoned Roman-era pottery, all while enjoying 25m of visibility in almost still water.

Another popular diving site is the Historic Underwater Park, located in Čikat Bay, just one kilometer from the centre of Mali Lošinj. It features a mixture of genuine and replica historical artefacts including cannon, anchors, amphoras, dating back from the 4th and 5th century. Its greatest attraction is the replica of the Croatian Apoxyomenos statue. The exhibits are placed at the depth of five to 15 meters, while the park’s trail is 300 meters long. The small park makes for a perfect dive, before strolling around the picturesque harbor.

The tour finishes with a meal in the Alfred Keller Restaurant.



Transfer to the diving site and back to your yacht is provided.