Dream beach

5 hours

We head out towards the south, cruising between numerous islands as the wind clears our minds. Our first location is a semi-shipwreck in the north part of Dugi Otok, where we are going to snorkel and free dive to explore this sunken vessel that used to wander these seas. After we have enjoyed the beauty of the world down under, we dock in the beautiful Pantera Bay, to go on and explore Cape Veli Rat and the highest lighthouse in Croatia. From there, we continue our journey further south, cruising the outside of Dugi Otok and eventually reaching what many people call the diamond lagoon, the incredible Sakarun beach. Once there, be prepared to surrender to this unbelievable nature and let this serenity enter your soul. Harvest this beauty with your eyes, feel that fine sand under your feet and immerse your body into this incredible turquoise lagoon. It will be your choice to either stay there until the end of our tour or to make one more stop on Premuda Island and enjoy the specialties of the island’s cuisine.

You will see

You will snorkel on a semi-shipwreck, visit the Pantera Bay and the lighthouse at the Cape of Veli Rat, swim in the lagoon of Sakarun, cruise next to many islands and have lunch on the Premuda Island.

Tour includes

  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Freediving


We will take care of your transfer to the boat after the tour.