Escape into the underwater paradise

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Bol is one of the best-known tourist destinations in Croatia that offers interesting landscapes, sightseeing tours, and a variety of activities, like scuba diving, windsurfing, biking, and tennis. Diving in Bol means exploring shipwrecks, reefs, rocks, caves, and walls overgrown with corals. Diving is also possible off the famous pebble beach Zlatni Rt (Golden horn) that stretches over 500m/0,31mi into the sea. There are numerous fish species, as fishing is only allowed with a fisherman’s certificate. Also, it may be particularly interesting for visiting divers to do some macro shooting while diving in these magnificent waters.

You will see

The most popular dive sites. The dive sites worth visiting nearby are Lucica Cave, Golubinja Spilja, Zvirije, RT Kabal, RT Smociguzica. In Lucica Cave (Špilja Lučice), the most popular dive site on Bol, the entrance of the cave is at 3-meters depth, while and the bottom is between 25 and 40 meters deep.

Tour includes

Guided tour and diving equipement rental.


Diving is allowed only if you are accompanied by a diving guide from an authorized diving centre.