Franciscan monastery and Our Lady's temple tour

Franciscan-monastery-museum is one of the highlights of Boka bay. It’s located in Prcanj, was built in the baroque style in 1735 and the last monks left in 1908. The church was severely damaged by the 1979 earthquake and was not entirely renovated until 2011. It has a magnificent Venetian-style high altar with an oil picture of St Nicholas flanked by wooden carvings of St Peter and St Paul.

If you enter this museum, you will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn and gain experience by being introduced by the curator to the fascinating history of Franciscans and the exciting past of Prcanj, the famous captain’s place of origin of Ivo Vizin, the first South Slovene to sail the world.

In this museum, you may make natural paints and dyes for textiles from various plants, weave sailor’s rope, grind grain on a hand-held grain mill, and even light a fire using flint, stone, and a hearth. These activities are appropriate for both families and coffee breaks during conferences. This landmark location offers it all, from sword wielding and learning several historical fencing styles to trying on medieval knight’s armor, minting actual medieval money, and learning how to use a bow and arrow in the big yard outside the monastery.