Green Cave

The Green cave (Zelena Špilja) is a natural attraction that can be find in the south-west area of Ravnik, near the bigger island of Vis. During the day, sun light passes through a small hole on the vault of the cave- producing a fascinating green surface on the sea. It is after this phenomenon that the cave was named.

You will see

The cave is absolutely gorgeous and spacious. The depth varies from 3 to 5 meters, so you can enjoy is by boat or jump into the sea for the full experience. When entering the cave, you’ll marvel as the gorgeous light shines through the fissure on top of the cave and makes stunning patterns in the sea before reflecting off the floor. Legend says that if you dive through the beam of light you will live for one hundred years.


  • you can reach the cave either by boat or simply swimming into it to experience the fabulous beauty of light and sea
  • best time for a visit is around 4 pm
  • visit to the Green Cave isn’t managed by any tour agency, but by the concessionaire who limits stays inside the cave to 15 minutes
  • considerable fee for entrance is required
  • maximum number of people per tourist boat is 12