Historical guided tour

2 hour

Sibenik’s narrow winding streets, stony houses, numerous staircases and the remains of the city walls give it a romantic Mediterranean atmosphere. The St Jacob’s Cathedral is the most famous building in Sibenik. It was built over a century, and is a testimony to the determination, sacrifice and belief of the generations of the inhabitants of Sibenik.

It is a unique piece not only of Croatian architecture, but the European as well. It is made entirely of stone, no other material was used. It is unique in its brave structure of stone slabs and ribs, with no binding material; it is also unique among renaissance churches in its trefoil front facade. Finally, it is unique for the harmony of its architecture.

You will see

Walk through the narrow streets of Sibenik, leading to beautiful squares, rich in architecture of centuries gone by.

After passing the St Francis Church and monastery, Theater house, Baroque Orthodox Church, City Hall, you will see the cave dedicated to Holy Mary of Lourdes.

Visit the city’s most important monument, the St Jacob’s Cathedral. This beautiful Gothic and Renaissance style cathedral was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. A triple-nave basilica, designed by the notable 15th-century Dalmatian architect, Giorgio de Dalmato, was completed in 1536.

Tour includes

Professional guide


Shoulders and knees must be covered when entering any religious venues.

If you like, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, from one of the fortresses. Sibenik has four of them.