Hvar Old Town

1.5 hour

Most of this town’s beautiful Renaissance architecture dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries- when the town was under Venetian rule. The magically carved Venetian architecture and wide, welcoming harbous make Hvar one of the most popular of all the southern Dalmatian islands.

Fortica castle is the first stop on the Hvar city walking tour. We will start our leisurely trek down to the city center through thick pine forests till we reach the historic section of the town named Groda after learning more about the castle and its history. We will make a visit at the Benedictine Nunnery Museum in Groda, where you can admire their distinctive creations, the agava pattern laces, which are protected as cultural property by UNESCO. Then, we will explore the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Arsenal, and the City Square.


Best time for tour:

09:00 for morning or 17:00 for afternoon