Island Kornat

Kornat is the largest of the 140 islands of the Kornati archipelago, majority of which are part of the Kornati National Park, including the Kornat. Being 25km long and rising to a height of 235m, the island has many attractions, beginning with the harsh landscape framed by the blue sea. Kornat island is perfect for beach-hopping and water sports activities. One of the best restaurants in the entire Kornati Archipelago – the Opat Tavern is located on the Kornat island.

The main settlement, pretty little village Vrulje, is surrounded by docks and easily recognizable. It has only three “streets”. Every year on the first Sunday of July, 150 to 200 boats gather on a pilgrimage in front of the 16th-century whitewashed chapel of Our Lady of Tarac. Finally, fans of historic monuments will find Tureta irresistible, the fortress dating from the Byzantine period.