Kalelarga Street

Kalelarga, also known as the Wide Street, is the main and most famous street in the city of Zadar. Some people say it is even older than the city itself, stretching from the People´s Square to the city’s famous Roman Forum.

To this day, it follows the print of the main longitudinal roman street (Decumanus Maximus) – this is the main city street that even then flowed through the spine of the peninsula. It existed, therefore, before the city. The strict Roman city planning provided for its natural location, which has not been changed to this day.

In the World War II, almost all the buildings in the street were destroyed or severely damaged by bombs, upon which it has been restored, retaining only its main direction.

To the locals, Kalelarga is more than just the name of the city’s main street. It is a cult place and one of the symbols of the city that stirs memories of beautiful moments and events. A place for socializing, entertaining, recreation, processions and folk ceremonies and, of course, first loves. Allegedly, many loves started and ended here.