Kobaš is a peaceful and isolated bay near Ston. Surrounded with colorful Mediterranean vegetation and exceptionally clean and blue sea, Kobaš bay has become known for its rich cuisine. Restaurants located in the bay offer fresh fish, shellfish and other seafood. Some restaurant are famous for their service, or innovative cuisine, some for the ambience and attention to details.

Tavern Ribarska Kuca Niko may not be adorned with the Michelin stars, but the story of the two brothers who work together, a cook and a fisherman, for over 20 years, gives a special feel to this place.
There is beauty in simplicity indeed: old wooden tables, delicious fresh, home grown food, wine and a peaceful landscape. That is what this tavern promises and delivers. The dishes are simple and traditional, but everything served is grown at their own backyard or caught in the sea by the owners. You can taste fresh lobsters and octopus daily.

Next door restaurant is offering similar type of food, with a bit less authentic approach to the Croatian island’s lifestyle and no organic food grown at their property. www.lukastaverna-kobas.com


Please note that these restaurants are not offering high-end service. This is, however, an opportunity to take a peak and enjoy for a bit a more simple lifestyle of the people leading the lives not much differently than their ancestors.