Korcula Town Museum

Korcula Town Museum is located in the St Mark’s Square, overlooking the St Mark’s Cathedral.

The Museum is housed in Gabrielis Palace built during 15th and 16th century. It is a three-storey building with basement and attic. Museum has various collections covering Korcula’s history and culture from the ancient days until today.

An important display is a stone tablet The Psephism from Lumbarda (4th century BC). This stone insctiption, written in ancient Greek,  is the oldest written document found on the territory of Croatia, telling about the founding of an Ancient Greek settlement on the island of Korčula. Also, on the ground floor are ceramics dredged up from ancient Greek and Roman shipwrecks. Among the exhibits upstairs are furnishings through the ages, photographs of World War II Partisans, and a reconstruction of a traditional Korčulan kitchen on the top floor – in the old days, it was common for kitchens to be situated up here in the attic.