Kornati National Park

If you wish to see a genuine jewel and a nautical paradise of Croatia, then the Kornati National Park is the perfect choice for you. Slalom through the 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs that reach up to 90 meters above the sea. Enjoy clean and unspoiled natural environment, hidden picturesque coves and beautiful undersea world.

You will be amazed by this wondrous and luxurious archipelago, unique in its beauty. The Kornati Islands, an eco-oasis, were decared a national park in 1980. They are open all year round, and you will need a valid ticket if you wish to cruise through the maze of Kornati island in your own boat.

The national park is ideal for water sports (sailing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling), as well as for those who a Robinson Crusoe type holiday. You will also be amazed by its rich flora and fauna and beaches that you can discover hiking the marked trails. The hiking trails lead to the lookouts from which it is possible to sea the Kornati archipelago in its entirety, or some of its most beautiful areas.


The Purara Island is the part of the Kornati National Park declared the area of special protection. No visitor or boat is allowed on the Purara Island and the cliffs Klint (Mala Purara) and Violić, as well as the area around them, to ensure that the nature is isolated from any kind of human influence. This area is constantly monitored by scientists who study life in the sea and on the islands. A large number of various species of birds and numerous plant species live on the island of Purara, and the island is especially picturesque during the blooming of immortelle and sage.