Lungomare Promenade

The longest seafront promenade in Croatia – the scenic Opatija’s Lungomare – is ideal for walking and easy leisure. Follow the century-old, 12km walking trail, which connects the towns of the Opatija Riviera from Volosko to Lovran, or take the 7km Carmen Sylva forest path for a rejuvenating and invigorating stroll between the glittering sea and the spectacular vistas of Opatija.

From its starting point in Volosko, the birthplace of the great scientist Andrija Mohorovičić, you pass by former sanatoriums and guesthouses in the northern part of the promenade, through Angiolina Park and on past Slatina beach further south all the way to the magnificent villas in Lovran. Lungomare reveals a number of buildings, locations, monuments and memorial plaques that tell the interesting tale of Opatija’s past.

In addition to history, interested walkers can also become more acquainted with the richness of the coastal vegetation and the beneficial effects of the local climate. Alongside the Lungomare grow some beautiful specimens of plants and trees that are typical of the local area: the aromatic rock samphire thriving on the rocks right by the sea, evergreen holm oaks, several species of deciduous oaks, fragrant laurel, and evergreen pittosporum… The tops of these trees create a pleasant shade in summer; in bloom their flowers fill the air with fragrant scents.

While walking along the Lungomare, you can admire many magnificent villas – prime examples of Belle Époque architecture, discover monuments commemorating people important in the local history or statues that have become symbolic of Opatija, such as the Girl with the Seagull. Rest awhile on a secluded bench in the shade of hundred-year-old trees, be charmed by quaint coves and beautiful pebble beaches, or enjoy a drink or meal on a terrace right by the sea.