Old Town Umag

The Old Town of Umag offers a look into the history of Umag, from the ancient times right through to the modern ones. The beauty of this destination was recognised by Roman noblemen, who chose this part of Istria as the perfect location for their vacation homes. The departure of the Romans was followed by a turbulent period – the town was passed from the hands of one ruler to another for centuries. The cobbled streets are lined with elaborately ornate and splendid Venetian villas from the Venetian rule, and you will find sights dating from such turbulent past times at every step. If you would like to take a break from sightseeing, visit one of the traditional Istrian taverns (konoba), offering various types of fish and meat dishes, as well as quality wines and olive oils. Take a walk down the narrow alleys and paved squares and discover the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Umag Old Town.