Oyster experience

The Oyster experience is a unique excursion for food lovers. Enjoy the untouched natural beauty of Mali Ston Bay as you sail through the clear seas. On land, you’ll discover the family who have grown oysters for generations and have sold them in their own restaurant, Bota Šare, since 1980.

This oyster farm experience is very educational- you’ll leave with new knowledge about the process of cultivating oysters, including how to gather and open them. To complete the day, you’ll retreat to the floating docks surrounded by oyster beds to enjoy a tasting of these world-famous treats, freshly collected just for you.

Alternatively, you could enjoy lunch on the private island of Banja, near the oyster farm, where verything you consume is caught or harvested before your eyes. Banja makes for a peaceful refuge from the crowded city centres, but is also a fantastic place to partake in various activites. These include swimming, diving, night fishing, jet skiing, and more.

You will see

  • Mali Ston Bay
  • Oyster farm
  • Optionally – Island Banja

Tour Includes

  • English speaking guide
  • Guests are welcomed at the seafront in Mali Ston
  • You’ll be served a welcome drink of traditional brandy along with traditional homemade sweets (sugared orange peel and sugared almond)
  • You’ll board on the floating dock known as the ‘floating bar’
  • You’ll experience a story and presentation about cultivating oysters and its history
  • You’ll taste world most famous oysters and mussels with a glass of wine & water
  • Tasting includes 4 oysters and 1 mussel


It is better to use your own tender to rich Oyster farm