Paradise for Cyclist and hikers


Lastovo is a small island – 9.8 km long and only 5.8 km wide, with numerous bays and fields sitting amongst gentle hills.

Everyone who appreciates untouched nature, and who wants to spend an active holiday will enjoy the cycling trails and hiking field paths, most of which are marked and criss-cross the entire surface of the island. Wherever you go, at the end of each trail or path you will be left breathless by the beautiful views. Along the way you will inevitably pass some of the 40 or so mediaeval churches.

The best times for such ventures are in spring and early autumn, when it is not so hot and the breeze will cool you.

Cycling trails:

  • State road Lastovo – Ubli: 9.52 km
  • County road Ubli – Pasadur: 2.81 km
  • Local road Lastovo – Zaklopatica: 2.19 km
  • Local road Lastovo – Skrivena luka: 5.3 km
  • Local road Lastovo – Lučica: 0.71 km
  • Local road Lastovo – Barje: 4.77 km
  • Local road Prehodište – Pasadur: 2.33 km
  • Local road Pasadur – Jurjeva luka: 1.22 km
  • Local road Ubli – Hum: 4.50 km
  • Local road Prgovo – Duboke: 1.20 km

Hiking routes

More and more amateur walkers and hikers go across the whole island of Lastovo.

The most attractive path is from Ubli on a paved road (10 km) to the town of Lastovo, then to Skrivena Luka and the lighthouse Struga, the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic (8 km). From Ubli to Skrivena luka you can travel on a gravel road. To really enjoy some views, you can climb the 415 m high peak of Hum, from where you can see Skrivena Luka, as well as Lastovnjaci, even the island of Korčula, the Pelješac peninsular, the island of Vis, and on a clear day – the outline of Italy. This highest point of Lastovo has a relay station, heliport and an abandoned mediaeval church of St. George (Sv. Juraj) nearby.

Hikers love Sozanj even more than Hum, although it is not as high, at 231 metres. It hangs over the bay of Korita, not far from the beautiful Zaklopatica bay. You can get to it from a farm which is located on the Lastovo-Ubli paved road (at 5 km) and to the peak you only need 30 minutes of walking. The view from there is something you will surely never forget.

Be sure to take the local field routes … through Lokavje, till Dubrova, Pržina… and don’t miss the pretty coves of Kručica and Zace. The trails to them are also marked.