Pasjaca beach

One of the most beautiful beaches not just in Croatia but of all the Adriatic, Pasjača beach might be one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets, or at least until now. Prestigious web-site European Best Destinations published their 2019 list of the best beaches in Europe, and Pasjača beach was given the title of the best European beach.

Nested under the steep Konavle cliff, Pasjaca beach is the result of both man and nature’s work. In 1955, a tunnel was dug from the fields upstream to the sea. The remaining rocks were used to build the roads or were left on the shore. Over several years, the waves transformed these rocks into pebbles then into sand. Pasjaca beach was born. Once the sea took away all the sand, the locals carried new rocks that turned into pebbles and sand again. They will do that again and again to preserve their little paradise.

Pasjaca takes your breath away with its raw beauty, cleanliness and quietness. Because of its difficulty of access and anchoring, there is rarely a crowd at this beach. It is the perfect place for couples, romantics and those who wish to take advantage of its privacy.

Of course to enjoy this paradise, you will have to make some effort because getting there is not easy. The only way to access it is by descending down steep steps carved out of the stone (250m altitude). As you descend you have the feeling that something beautiful and magnificent is waiting for you at the bottom. And it is indeed.


Pasjača beach is located in Popovici Village, 10 minutes from Cavtat and around half an hour from Dubrovnik (or longer in high season).