Rector’s Palace

Between the Town Hall and the Church of St. Blaise, on one side, and the Cathedral, on the other side, the Rector’s Palace, an outstanding monument of secular architecture is located.

The Rector’s Palace is a harmonious Gothic and Renaissance palace with certain Baroque elements. The Palace owes its present shape to many additions and reconstructions throughout its turbulent history. It was destroyed or heavily damaged by either fires, gunpowder explosions or earthquakes, which required a total or partial reconstruction or repair of the building. Each architect had his own idea of how the building should look, so nowadays, we can enjoy the unique mixture of styles blended perfectly across this monumental structure.

Today, the Rector’s palace is the home to the Cultural History Museum. Its artfully restored rooms are decorated in period style. You will see 18th-century furniture, portraits of Ragusan nobility, mannequins decked out in Ragusan style and several period paintings. A visit to the Rector’s Palace steeps you in the glorious history and style of the Republic of Ragusa.