Saplunara Beach

Saplunara on Mljet Island may be the last hidden jewel left in the Adriatic. Just when you thought every single white sand beach on a pine-rimmed cove had long since been colonized by sea-seeking visitors, Saplunara remains isolated and largely untouched. Its beauty is truly a balm to the soul.

This beautiful sandy lagoon is located in the southeast of Mljet. The cove is about one kilometer long and is divided into big and small Saplunara. The sea in the shallow parts can reach a temperature of 28°C during summer months. At the back of the beach there is a beautiful pine tree forest that will offer you protection from the sun.

The legend says that even Ulysses found sanctuary there. Sandy beach and snorkel-heaven reefs will take you as far from your daily life as you want to be. The Saplunara beach is an ideal vacation place, far from the crowd and the urban life.