Seagull Rocks tour

Seagull Rocks beach is located in Stoja, one of Pula’s neighborhoods. It is thought to be the most western beach in the city.

The beach is rocky with high cliffs which are perfect for diving from. Named after it’s many Seagull inhabitants, the beach is also known for the several caves In which you can explore, dive, and take a submarine photoshoot. This is the perfect location for young thrill seekers looking for a day of adventure.

You will see

  • Seagull Rocks beach
  • Galebianna Cave
  • Verudela Canyon
  • Punta Christo Lighthouse
  • The perfect way to explore those attractions is by kayaking or, for those feeling more adventurous, by snorkeling or diving.

Tour Includes

  • Professional guide


Please take extra care when approaching the beach due to the high rocky cliffs.