Solta Guide


Šolta is undoubtedly one of the must-see destinations for your nautical charter.

The very thought of the pristine nature in this green and blue paradise will make you eager to visit Šolta. Treat yourself to one of its world-famous treasures; honey. This popular sweet treat is known by locals for its therapeutic properties.

Also popular is Šolta’s protected extra-virgin olive oil and superb red wine made from indigenous island grapes!

Find out more about the flavours of Šolta and have an unforgettable experience. The island is charming and beautiful, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

What to see

  • Maslinica Bay
  • Tasting tour

What to do

Dive into the beauty of Maslinica bay! Take a swim or try your luck at fishing in the turquoise oases. Enjoy the view, the nature, and peace of its beaches. This is the perfect spots to relax and get some rest, but you also shouldn’t hesitate to explore!

Take a tour with a local guide who will take you to taste the best domestic wine, honey and famous olive oil.
Alternatively, enjoy a spa day and fine dining in a Martinis Marchi resort.

Where to eat

  • Martinis Marchi resort

What to see

Maslinica Bay

What to do

Explore all beauties of Solta with a local

Where to eat

Martinis Marchi resort

Welcome to Martinis Marchi Hotel, Restaurant & Marina located in a historic castle in Maslinica on the island of Šolta’s west coast. It is a place which vividly evokes visions of sparkling blue waters and a landscape dotted with olive trees. Today, after three centuries of tumultuous history, the Martinis Marchi castle welcomes you into its chambers that echo with the soft whisper of times gone by.

Restaurant Sampjer

Mediterranean restaurant with dalmatian food presented on modern way.

Lovely view on Maslinica bay combined with delicious food will complete your experience and left you speechlees

Tavern Skoj - Michelin star

The young owner and chef runs this secluded place with only a small number of tables, serving excellent cuisine with Mediterranean influences, an echo of the pleasant outdoor service on a small terrace overlooking the resort’s natural harbour. The offer is rounded off with a fine list of cocktails and a limited selection of cigars.