The Gems of Primosten

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If you are looking for adventure and want to experience something completely different, Primosten is a perfect starting point. There are many sites to be discovered by diving, one of them is Zlarin on the Sokol island. This dive you never know what you will encounter, the sea life changes almost daily. The terrain is full of boulders and small cracks where lobsters hide. Snappers, barracudas, jacks, octopus, crabs, and schools of sardines are making this place magical. Zirje island is one of the best dive sites in the mid-Adriatic, famous for the Stuka airplane wreck. The site not to be missed is the blue tunnel, known for its mystical entrance and turquoise water. Primosten’s landscape is amazing, but th underwater is something out of this world.

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 Guided tour and diving equipment rental.


Diving is allowed only in the company of a diving guide from the authorized diving centre.