The Museum of Apoxymenos

The Museum of Apoxymenos tells the original story of an athlete of perfect physical proportions, a piece of art that is impressive in its wholeness and beauty of composition. The bronze statue of Apoxymenos dates to either 2nd or 1st c. B.C., and its name stems from Greek term for an athlete that is cleaning his body from oil, sweat, and sand after exercise or competition. The Lošinj athlete depicts the moment when he’s cleaning his scraper. The statue is entirely preserved, only missing a little finger of the left hand, eyes, and the scraper, while the right foot was still attached to the original bronze base. Following its removal from the sea bed, the conservation and restoration works on the statue were entrusted to the Croatian Restoration Institute in Zagreb and lasted 6 years, after which the statue was exhibited in some of the most important museums around the world (Louvre, British Museum, J.P Getty Museum).