The Temple of Augustus

The building in the center of attention of any person in the main city square is the Temple of Augustus, which is completely preserved sacral monument. The temple was dedicated to Roma and Emperor Augustus, and is most probably built in the 1st decade of the 1stcentury AD. During the Middle Ages, the temple had secular purpose. It was used for grain storage, and supposedly it was also the home to the Christian church for a short amount of time. On the wall of the temple, from the inside and the outside, there are many visible damages, which were cause by putting in the new windows, reordering the building into three floors, and fire which in several occasions ruined the roof construction. During World War II, the temple was directly hit with and airplane bomb, which dispersed among the pillars, and almost ruined it to the ground. Italian archaeologists have rebuilt and reconstructed it during the two-year military ruling of the city (1945-1947). The structure is built in the shape of a simple parallelogram with front porch which is built on four pillars. Four smooth pillars of the front portico, and one on each side, end with classic capitals in Corinthian style, and they all confirm that the temple was built in the time of Augustus, as were the whole Forum.