Ulysses Theatre

Ulysses Theatre was founded by actor-director Rade Šerbedžija and writer Borislav Vujčić.

It was inaugurated in 2001 by the renowned British film and stage actress Vanessa Redgrave at a charity concert featuring the Mostar Sinfonietta.
The first production was Shakespeare’s King Lear, directed by Lenka Udovički, with Rade Šerbedžija in the eponymous role. A small production team lead by Tatjana Aćimović embarked upon the challenge of giving shape to a dreamlike idea of a theatre on an uninhabited island, unaware of the fact that this production would achieve cult status among the audience and continue to be performed year after year, turning what started as an experiment into an annual summer festival with an increasing number of productions and cultural events.

Over the years Ulysses Theatre has developed a distinctive theatrical language, combining literary masterpieces, such as Euripides’ Medea starring Mira Furlan and Aleksandar Cvjetković in leading role in 2002 or Weiss’ Marat/Sade with Rade Šerbedžija and Zlatko Vitez in 2003 with the unique open air venue of former fortress, and theatrical union, after a long break, of artists from the region and inviting, each year new, inspirational artists from around the world.

Regarding the future, Ulysses intends to continue developing the way it did since its start: driven by the unstoppable passion for good theatre, music and with the aim of gathering talented artists from all over the World.