Vela Spila

Vela Spila is located on the southern side of Pinski Rat Mountain, 130m above the cove of Kale in Vela Luka. It is one of the most important prehistoric archaeological localities in Europe. The entraces of the cave is around 10m wide and 4m high. It faces south, offering a gorgeously serene view of the bay. You can also see Blatsko Polje and the islands of OŇ°jak, Kamenjak and Proizd

The archaeological finds from this site prove that several prehistoric communities have lived there. There is even evidence that they used the cave in their every-day life, as well as for burying the dead. These finds include vessels, ceramics, and other various objects made of earthenware. They are proof of the cultural, social, spiritual and economic relations between the inhabitants of Vela Spila and other parts of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean that dates back centuries.

After many excavations and investigations, many believe that the cave has been in continuous use since the Stone Age in around 20,000 BC. There is also evidence that suggests humans inhabited the cave in the Iron and Copper Ages by Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines.


It is only 1km from the center of Vela Luka by walking around Hill, or 2.5 km if you use a car transfer.