Visit an Old Yugoslav Submarine

1 hour

Reflecting the area’s rich maritime tradition, the Naval Heritage Collection (NHC) is housed in a beautifully restored building and showcases over 300 artefacts, from Yugoslav submarines to the diaries of Montenegro’s Princess Ksenija, Austro-Hungarian ship equipment and industrial machines. The airy, light-filled space attracts visitors young and old, the former demographic tempted no doubt by the presence of a pirate ship playground outside.

Themed exhibitions are displayed throughout the year in addition to the permanent collection pieces; for many though, the star attraction remains the P821 submarine, Hero, standing proudly across the street from the NHC building.

Hero is 50-meters long, and one of the three such submarines in the world that can be visited and explored. This is a unique opportunity to take a peek into the interior of the submarine and feel what life is like in the steel womb of a sea monster!
The heroj-class submarines were completely constructed in the SFR Yugoslavia and are the highlight of the shipbuilding and technology this former military force had mastered. Only a few countries at that time were able to design and build submarines independently.

In almost 23 years of active service before being forever drawn from the sea on the coast in 1991 in Tivat, the submarine had a total of 726 navigation days, as many as 910 dives and totaled 46,659 nautical miles, which is the equivalent of two times navigation around the globe.


Profesional guide will show you the submarine and tell you more of its great history.

Just 5 minutes walking from your boat. There is also wallet service (bagy car) that can take you to the NHC building at the northern end of Porto Montenegro Village.