Visit Lipska Cave, Cetinje and National Park Lovcen

Half-day tour

Within 30 minutes drive from Budva, you can visit Lipska Cave, one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. In Lipska Cave, nature created playful and unique forms of cave ornaments (stalagmites and stalactites) that leave everlasting impression on their visitors.

Lipska Cave tour takes 1 hour and after that you can visit Cetinje, the Royal Capital of Montenegro.

The museums, archives, galleries and the art academies make Cetinje one of the most attractive places in Montenegro.

The oldest point of interest is the Vlaska Church, built in 1405. The church houses old Greek frescos, and its fence was made from 2000 trophy guns captured by Montenegrins during their battles with Turks.

The main sight of the city is the Monastery of Cetinje. It is a place where former Montenegrian rulers sat. It was built in 1483. Here the right hand of John the Baptist is held and also the fragment of the Holy Christ along with the relics of Saint Peter of Cetinje.

Moving toward the Mausoleum on the Lovcen Mountain, we would make a stop in Ivanova Korita for a traditional Montenegrin lunch at the restaurant Ivanov Konak.

In Ivanova Korita, you can hike, take a scenic bike ride, play paintball or test your stamina in the adventure park.

After lunch, we can visit Mausoleum of the most famous Montenegrin ruler – Peter II Petrovic Njegos, located at 1660 m above the sea level. (see more at video).


  1. The temperature in the Lipska Cave is between 8-12 degrees Celsius, regardless on the season, so take a jacket and some warmer clothes for this tour.
  2. There are 461 steps leading to the Mausoleum.