Visit National Park Lovcen

A personalized tour that will take you either from Kotor or Tivat to the Lovcen Mountain, 1660 m above the sea level. It takes approximately one hour to reach it. Tour can be organized by Mercedes V class vehicles or ATV cars.

After visiting the main attractions, you may enjoy traditional Montenegrin food in the restaurant inside the National Park and get back either by van, ATV or e-bike. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a significant view of Boka bay.

You can

  • Spectacular views. On a clear day, one can see more than half of the country from the summit, from the Bay of Kotor (or Boka Bay) to Lake Skadar to Podgorica.
  • Visit Lovcen’s main attraction, the magnificent Njegoš mausoleum (built 1970 to 1974) that sits at the top of its second-highest peak, Jezerski Vrh (1657 m). Take the 461 steps up to the mausoleum entry, where two granite giantesses guard the tomb of the Montenegro’s greatest leader. Inside, under a golden mosaic canopy, a 28-tonne statute of Petar II Petrović Njegoš rests on the wings of an eagle, carved from a single block of black granite.
  • Enjoy traditional Montenegrin food at the Ivanov Konak Restaurant.
  • Play paintball and break into an abandoned, two-floor house that you and your team must defend, and preserve the flag as long as possible. Outside, hidden in the forest, team of powerful warriors is ready to fight for the win.
  • Test your stamina at the Adventure park – a series of air paths with different challenges designed for all ages from 5 to 80.
  • Explore untouched nature and Montenegrin countryside.
  • Get back with ATV or e-bike

Tour includes

  • Transportation,
  • A guide,
  • Tickets to any park that you choose.