Yoga & meditation island Lokrum tour

3 hours

Beautiful and relaxing walk tour combined with yoga & meditation exercises.

Enjoy the flora and fauna of this amazing island and visit places where some scenarios from Game of Thrones is filmed.

You will

As soon as we arrive at the port on Lokrum, we see a map of all the Lokrum Island attractions and walking paths in between them. First we can take a walk along the stimulating Botanical Gardens, planted in the 19th century.

The gardens have a few hundred different kinds of trees and plants as well as some peacocks and rabbits which were also brought on the island more than a hundred years ago. 

While there, we will check the ruins of Benedictine Monastery that was built there in medieval times.

A must for any Game of Thrones fan is a visit to the Iron Throne replica located inside Lokrum Visitor’s Center on the island. There is info about the filming, a map of filming locations in the area, and most importantly, the guests have an opportunity to sit on the throne for a fun photo.

After that guests will have silent walking meditation, soothing breathwork, grounding yoga, and circle sharing over refreshments.