Rogoznica has 54 km long coastline and geographic position located in the center of Dalmatia, moreover, it is the most protruded part of the Croatian mainland which penetrates deeply into the Adriatic Sea Rogoznica separates North and South Adriatic, which is extremely emphasized by very specific climatological behavior in this area, or more precisely at the Rogoznica’s cape Planka, where they have a direct combat of different climates, winds and sea currents, or locally said, fight of ‘Bura and Jugo’ (northern and southern wind).

Uniqueness of the island surrounded by land on all sides .Rogoznica the safest harbor on the Adriatic Sea.

What to see

  • Museum in the Sea
  • Outdoor Marine Aquarium
  • Dragon’s Eye Lake
  • Marina Frapa

What to do

Walk trough this small but lovely city, enjoy in numeours beautiful beaches around, take a kayaks and discover picturesque Rogoznica cost.

Diving into blue crystal water around Rogoznica and explore their Museum in the sea, where you will be able to see a lot of old wrecks and hear stories from your quide before diving.

What to see

Museum in the Sea
Outdoor Marine Aquarium
Lake Dragon’s Eye
Marina Frapa