Peljesac Guide


If you are a lover of historical tradition, pristine nature and superb cuisine, Elafiti Islands and Pelješac Peninsula are ideal places for you!

It is our great honor to be your host in this unique environment, formed of stretch of islands and Peljesac peninsula.

This an area where locally-grown, organic ingredients are served at almost every restaurant.

Pelješac Peninsula abounds in natural beauty, historical sites, lovely sandy and pebble beaches, great red wine, and seafood, especially oysters and other shellfish.

It is a great place to relax, without the hustle and bustle expected in a typical tourist seaside town. Pelješac remains quaint and tranquil. It still lacks large hotels and big crowds.

What to see

  • Šipan anchorage
  • Ston
  • Kobaš Bay
  • Trstenik
  • Orebić
  • Saint hills winery

What to do

  • Climb Walls of Ston
  • Harvest Salt in Ston
  • Take a scenic drive or hike
  • Visit Top-notch vineries
  • Eat local

Where to eat

  • Ribarsko selo Niko Tavern
  • Saint Hills Winery
  • BOWA – Sipan Anchorage

Places to see

Šipan Anchorage
Kobaš Bay

What to see

Saint hills winery
Walls of Ston

What to do

Visit Walls of Ston
Harvest salt in Ston
Oyster experience on the floating bar
1.5 hours
Wine & gastronomical experience at Korta Katarina winery
2.5 hours
St. Hills winery experience
2.5 hours

Where to eat

Ribarsko selo Niko Tavern

Located in a typical fisherman village, on the waterfront of one of the most beautiful secluded bays, the Kobaš Bay.

Fresh sea food, their own olive oil and wine, and vegetables from their garden, made with 20 years old tradition and love of the two brothers, who know that simplicity and kindness are the most important ingredients of a good story.

That is how this restaurant remains one of the best preserved secrets in Dalmatia.

Saint Hills winery

In these beautiful vineyards, all is done by hand, because Nature does not allow machines in Dingač, a protected winegrowing zone, you slowly get the picture what these wines are all about. They are all about the sun, sea, stone and hard work. Yet, every drop of them is worth it. Now that you are in the vineyard, you switched into the Pelješac mode, and ready to visit the winery.

BOWA – Sipan Anchorage

“BOWA is much more than a restaurant. It’s an experience, a feeling… Your memories in the making. BOWA is the smell of Adriatic, the sound of crickets, the sea-salt-kiss on the lips, the most beautiful sunset, the emerald-blue sea color, the smile on your lover’s face, the long, warm summer night. It found its place in the sheltered and peaceful bay of one of the most beautiful Dubrovnik islands; Sipan. And when you see how gently it kisses the shore, you’ll think it has always been there, just like the perfect piece of intact nature.” –

Tavern Gastro Mare

Accessible only by the boat with 11 moorings and a tender dock. This lovely family restaurant is a perfect spot for fine dining while you are in Croatia. Excellent choice of food and wine selection.