Opatija Guide


Opatija, a charming coastal town with a rich history and culture, has many fantastic locations, impressive monuments, well-manicured parks and magnificent villas reminiscent of the Austrian Riviera. Opatija’s rich history and picturesque surroundings should not be missed.

What to see

  • Angiolina park
  • Lungo Mare Promenade
  • St James’ Park

What to do

Discover why Opatija has been one of the most popular destinations for sightseeing in Croatia since the 19th century, when the Habsburgs turned it into one of Europe’s most popular destinations for nobles and aristocrats.

Where to eat

  • Villa Ariston 
  • Bevanda Restaurant
  • Draga di Lovrana

What to see

Angiolina park
Lungomare Promenade
St James’ Park

Where to eat

Villa Ariston

The Villa Ariston’s talented chef, Robert Benzia, was trained in Italy, at the respectable Boscolo Academy. His creativity is reflected in the unique gastronomic delicacies he creates using seasonal ingredients. You will enjoy tasting different sorts of wines with fabulous food and a lovely vista.

Bevanda Restaurant

Bevanda, a renowned restaurant, uses only fresh ingredients from the inland and the sea to create classic, but versatile dishes, with a modern twist. Striving to serve tasty food, its cuisine is focused on pure and discernible food aromas.

Draga di Lovrana

Approx 20 minutes by car from Opatija, located on the edge of a mountain reef above the islands and the sea, with a spectacular 360 degree panorama!

“Taste the Kvarner terroir, the fish and scampi from the family’s own fishing boats and discover the colourful history of Opatija Riviera cuisine by enjoying the unique and theme specialties prepared by our young chef Deni Srdoč. His youthful infatuation and experience gained by learning from his mentor, well-known chef Zdravko Tomšić, has resulted in a modern twist of traditional, Mediterranean flavours with a hint of Italian and French cuisine. Treat yourselves to a culinary delight complemented by exquisite Croatian wines, enjoying our terrace with a spectacular panoramic view of the Kvarner islands.” – Review from prestige association JRE- Jeunes Restaurateurs