Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj

Mali Lošinj, the largest town on the Lošinj Island, is a stunner. Set at the apex of a long natural harbour and ringed by graceful, gently weathered Mediterranean town houses and green hills, the town spreads over both coasts on the narrowest section of the island. A string of imposing 19th century sea-captains’ houses lines the seafront, and even with the summer tourist commotion, this historic quarter retains its charm and atmosphere.

What to see

  • Blue world institute
  • Discovering the underwater world
  • Historical underwater park
  • Museum of Apoxymenos
  • Theme viewpoint providence

What to do

Discover healthy island, beaches, villages and fabulous spots by bike and kayaks.

Where to eat

  • Captain’s club
  • Rastaurant Dijana
  • Alfred Keller Restaurant

What to see

Blue world institute
Discovering the underwater world
Visit to Historic Underwater Park
Museum of Apoxyomenos
Theme viewpoint providenca

What to do

Mali Losinj diving experience
Sunset experience at viewpoint Providenca
An unforgettable experience

Where to eat


Nautika is an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying a few laughs with the closest friends, while indulging in carefully composed Mediterranean dishes and excellent wine. Under leadership of a new captain, the restaurant’s offer is now refreshed with fish caught by the owner and homegrown vegetables. Two fishing boats and four acres of fertile island grounds allow you to taste organically grown fresh indigenous vegetables and freshly caught fish.

Restaurant Dijana

The Diana steakhouse offers top-quality delicacies prepared from homemade and local ingredients, such as salty roasts, goat and sheep cheeses, Dalmatian prosciutto, carpaccio and sausage from Istrian boškarin (an indigenous longhorn cattle), and homemade pasta including, Cres fusi and ravioli.

Alfred Keller Restaurant

The fluorescence of the restaurant’s interior plays with large marble and onyx surfaces, while adorned with the view of the stunning Čikat Bay; rest assured this place will appeal to all of your senses.