Porec Guide


On the west coast of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia, is the city of Poree. Poree is known for its pristine bays, islets, and beaches. The alluring port of Poree is enclosed by Sv. Nikola (Saint Nicholas), the largest and most gorgeous of all the Poree islands. One of the oldest lighthouses in the Adriatic is the round tower on the island of Sv. Nikola, dating to 1402. The old town still has its stone streets, historic temple ruins, forums, and other lovely structures.

Places to visit

  • The Euphrasian Basilica
  • Waterfront and Harbor
  • Roman forum
  • Main Square & Church Gospa od Andela
  • Main Street Decumanus
  • Romanesque House
  • Baredine Cave
  • Adventure Park Sky Fox

What to see

  • Porec Old Town
  • Euphrasian Basilica, UNESCO’s Heritage Site
  • Baredine Cave

What to do

  • Discover Porec Old Town
  • Visit Brendine Cave
  • Premium wine tasting experience

Where to eat

  • Sveti Nikola
  • Divino

What to see

Porec Old Town
Baredine Cave
Euphrasian Basilica, UNESCO’s Heritage Site

What to do

Discover Porec Old Town

1.5 hour

Visit Baredine Cave

2-3 hours

Premium wine tasting experience

2.5 – 3 hours

Where to eat

Sveti Nikola (Michelin star)

This restaurant, which is situated on the seashore of this well-known tourist destination, features a dining area on the first floor with lovely views of San Nicola island and a terrace for alfresco dining in nice weather. Traditional Italian and Croatian fare, including plenty of fresh seafood and meat as well as delectable regional specialties like Istrian dry-cured ham, are the main focus of the menu.


DIVINO embodies heritage, elegance, years of training and experience in the hospitality sector, as well as ongoing gastronomic trends. A restaurant in Pore that has been serving a variety of delicacies on one of Istria’s most picturesque terraces for many years allows you to smell the sea’s freshness while also enjoying both contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Istrian fare.