Kotor Guide


This is the most beautiful and best-preserved town in Montenegro. Today, as in the 17th century, Kotor embodies the magical spirit of the Venetian empire, which ruled over Kotor for nearly 400 years. This is one of the rare places in the world where the past and present merge in the perfect union.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, The Old Town of Kotor was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and it’s a beautiful monument itself. So, the first thing to do is wander the narrow, romantic streets of this historic gem of a town. Every corner of the old town hides a story just waiting to be told.

Visit some of Kotors’s many historical monuments or hike the Town Walls to get some amazing views of the fjord.

Kotor has a vibrant night life with numerous restaurants, bars and clubs.

Note: We advise all our guests to arrive in Kotor after 7 pm, as, due to large number of cruise ships and bus tours, the city is crowded during the day.

What to see

  • The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (Sveti Tripun)
  • The Prince’s Palace
  • Maritime Museum
  • Citadel

What to do

  • Visit Perast and nearby islands
  • Hike the Kotor Town Walls
  • Go on the tour to Lovcen National Park for the most magnificent views of the Fjord
  • Play paintball and enjoy the forest Adventure Park in Lovcen National Park
  • Dine at Catovica Mlini
  • Go on the bike tour from Lovcen Mountain to Lustica Peninsula
  • Party at Virtu Beach

Where to eat

  • Galion
  • Forza Mare
  • Stari Mlini
  • Catovica Mlini
  • Piazza

What to see

The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon
The Prince’s Palace
Maritime Museum

What to do

Visit Lovcen National Park

Half-day tour

Hike the Kotor Town Walls

1.5 – 2 hours

Franciscan monastery and Our Lady's temple tour
2.5 hours
Historical tour of Boka bay
1.5 hour
Explore Kotor bay by kayak
2.5 - 3 hour
Tuk tuk panoramic tour
2.5 - 3 hour
Explore Kotor Old Town
1.5 hour

What to experience

Jeep safari, nomadic dining with a cocktail sunset party

Half-day experience

Private Dining Experience in 17th Century Palace

3 hours

Exclusive private dinner on the 18th century terrace
Private dinner or opera event at the 18th-century monastery
Private event experience at Heritage Grand Perast
Private dinner or opera event at the 18th-century monastery

Where to eat


The restaurant has a sophisticated fish menu with an amazing wine list and the terrace above the Kotor’s sea is the most significant feature of this restaurant.
Carefully chosen specialties from international cuisine with a pinch of local aromas are the ideal scenario for a lovely meal.
The view of the Old City’s walls and the blue of the sea will satisfy all esthetical appetites.

Forza Mare

At Forza Mare’s creative chef will meet your unconventional and traditional requirements alike. You’ll enjoy national and international delicacies created with locally sourced fresh produce.

The panorama of the Bay of Kotor is an additional ingredient, a local specialty in itself, that will make your meal even more delightful. The restaurant is accessible by tender.

Stari Mlini

For over 4 decades, Stari Mlini Restaurant has been offering an exclusive yet casual fine dining experience of superb quality. As its evolution continues, Stari Mlini now welcomes guests arriving by sea with a yacht and boat docking in the restaurant marina.

Catovica Mlini

Catovica Mlini welcomes guests with exquisite and tasty Mediterranean-style cuisine. Surrounded by an unforgettable ambiance, the restaurant also has a wine cellar beyond compare locally.